A new way for your Sales & Service Teams to access critical real-time SAP  information for your Customers.

SGC Software develops low cost, easy to deploy enterprise microservice solutions that allow you to quickly integrate your on-premise software systems with various cloud software applications. We have pre-built many of the most commonly used integration scenarios to keep deployment cost and risk as low as possible.


Check out our new Salesforce AppExchange beta managed package which provides real-time SAP Pricing in your standard Salesforce Quote Line Item! https://youtu.be/O9GUriotLwI

We are offering this beta release at no charge to selected customers. Contact us for more details


Download our free SAP Sales order status Microservice application for SAP ERP now!

Our microservices application works with all cloud software vendor solutions and can also be used as a desktop application to quickly lookup and access all of your SAP ERP data! This download is offered free of charge. Note: You must register to complete the software installation.

To ensure your security, this free download must now be formally requested. Contact sales@sgcsoftware.com to receive a secure link for your free trial download.

SGC Software – Real-Time SAP Microservices

SGC announces its first ever Real-Time SAP Microservices application! Why would you want to use a Microservices application? Well for starters if you have an SAP ERP / SAP Hana system you can install this Micoservices application in your download directory of windows, execute a startup DOS command, enter your system/login credentials and you are done! Now you can embed your SAP Microservices application directly into your SAP Hana, Salesforce or other web based application! Alternatively you can run the Microservices application as a stand-alone directly from your computer!


This free version from SGC Software will allow you the ability to display some commonly accessed SAP sales and billing information directly from your ERP system. The software does require an unlock key to utilize it but it comes with no strings attached! Any user of SAP version 4.x up to ECC 6.x can utilize this software. Click here to get your copy of SGC Microservices Application today!


Our solutions are pre-built and quickly connect.


Take control of your software systems with no middleware solutions to simplify your cloud to on-premise integration!

Key Features 


microservices for Salesforce

We have microservices ready to go for your salesforce system. Please check us out on the AppExchange here. Also, take advantage of our Salesforce AppExchange Beta Releases, such as https://youtu.be/O9GUriotLwI


microservices FOR MICROSOFT

Running your on-premise Microsoft solution and need to connect to the cloud? We are a Microsoft solution provider.



If you have a need for complex CPQ processing with your SAP system we have a solution you should review. Please check out this demo here


microservices FOR SAP

If your ERP solution is SAP ECC or Business by Design we have plug-in Mash-up's for your on premise to cloud systems! ,,


Many customers who run Oracle ERP need drop in integration for their cloud based solution. We have you covered!



Want to check on the status of a Sales Order, check if a Delivery Shipped or if an Invoice was generated for a customer? Already built, no project, just drop in this solution. Review this solution here




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