Is there any Mapping' of database tables with this solution?

There is absolutely no mapping of any kind! The installation of the SGC Software does NOT require an IT project! Once the software is installed you can immediately begin to use the solution.

How fast is response time?

Response time of the software depends upon how much data from the ERP system is being requested. It is also a function of the performance of the servers that run your ERP system. However, generally speaking response times are excellent. Contact us for a live demo to see response times.

How much ERP data can be returned?

The amount of data that can be returned is limited by ERP system profile parameter settings, not by any limitation of the software solution.

Can I update my SAP system using SGC Enterprise Mash-up's?

We designed the solution to be user friendly. Like looking at a web page it should be easy to understand. There is no special training required to begin using the solution.

Do I need any special training to use the software?

Absolutely! SGC Enterprise Mash-up's allow for seamless integration between your salesforce and SAP systems!