Salesforce Sales Order Display - Installation Notes

Please note the following important considerations that you MUST follow to successfully install the SAP Sales Order Display Mash up.


1. The Salesforce Managed Package is only one half the installation.  In order to successfully complete the installation and connect the SGC Sales Order display to your SAP instance you must request an SAP Transport from SGC Software. This transport is provided at NO CHARGE but since the AppExchange cannot support the installation of SAP transports please contact us at and we can send you this transport. 


2. You may wish to play with the SGC Sales Order Display Mash Up using OUR SAP system. If you wish to not bother with the SAP transport please send an email to and we can provide you logon details for our sandbox system. 


3. If you don't want to do either of these steps. You may wish to just read a blog on the use of Lightning Connect that was developed by SGC Software. That blog can be accessed here. 


Thanks and Have Fun!